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● PVC patches no minimum

● Velcro & Sewing backing are feasible

● 2D & 3D effects are all feasible

● Free of mold fee if order reaches 1000 pieces

● Free shipping cost to the USA and Europe

● Waterproof, heat-resistant, and durable


Custom PVC Patches No Minimum

How PVC Patches Are Made?

These PVC patches have made from soft and flexible polyvinyl chloride materials that they can shape in any way you want. Custom PVC Patches are a great choice if you're looking for some indestructible patches that look very strong. PVC patches are widely used for military gear for Army, Navy, Air force, or Marine Corps. They are usually used on hats, jackets, or backpacks. They are also very waterproof and can withstand substantial temperature fluctuations, so they're perfect for harsh environments. 

How to Attach PVC Patches

If you need to fix a patch for a long time, sew along the patch's sewing thread. If you need it to be replaceable, please use the velcro backing. PVC velcro patches backing has a hook and loop on two sides. The hook side will sew on the patch backside, and the loop side will sew on the uniform, which allows the patches to remove fastest as needed in the field deployment.

PVC Patches

Some Things to Consider When Customizing PVC Patches


The first thing you might thinking about is how do you attach these patches. There are many ways to attach PVC patch, but the 2 ways most popular used methods. They are the sewing and Velcro. The PVC patch cannot be ironed on the garment like an embroidered patch because it is too thick. It has a sewing groove at the edge, so you can easily sew it onto your clothes. If you can install it more quickly, you can order our PVC Velcro Patches. Velcro has a hook and loop two sides. The hook side will be sewn onto the patch's backing, and the loop side can be sewn wherever you want to install the patch, then you can easily place the patch on it and change different patches at any time.


Other Ways of Attach PVC Patches

Magnets: PVC magnets patches are made of PVC soft rubber with magnetite behind it. They are usually attached to the refrigerator, safe, and other hardware furniture as an ornament.


Self-adhesive: If you're using PVC patches for decoration or as temporary sticks on clothing or furniture, self-adhesive is the best solution. It allows the patch to stay on clothing or furniture that you want to decorate, and you can easily remove it when you want to replace it with another patch.


Pins backing: If you're wearing a PVC patch for formal occasions, you'll need a higher-looking metal pin backing. Metal pins make it easy to hang PVC patches on your clothing.

PVC Patches

Special Techniques Make Your Rubber Patches More Unique


Custom pvc patches glow in the dark: Adding glow-in-the-dark materials into the PVC patch can allow your patches to be seen at night and is a fun way to have parts of your logo stand out.


Adding a 3D effect will allow your patches to have a sculpted surface. It has a more stereoscopic effect than the 2D PVC patch that makes your design more visually appealing.


How to Distinguish Between 2D PVC patches and 3D PVC patches?

1.   Visual: Place the 2D PVC patch and 3D PVC Patches on a horizontal plane. From the side of the product, each part of the 2D PVC Patches is on a horizontal line. However, only some parts of the 3D PVC patch product are obviously raised, and the surface is uneven. 


2.   Touch: Some 3D PVC patches have protrusions that are difficult to see with the naked eye. At this point, you can tell the difference by touch. When the 2D PVC patch is touched, all parts are very smooth, whereas the 3D PVC patch is uneven, and the level is inconsistent throughout the product.

PVC Patches

PVC Patches

Create Custom PVC Patches With These Outstanding Service

1. No minimum order
2. Velcro & Sewing backing are feasible
3. 2D & 3D effects are all feasible
4. Free of mold fee if order reaches 1000 pieces
5. Free shipping cost to the USA and Europe

Get Top Quality Custom PVC Patches With Low Minimum Quantity At Incredibly Low Prices

We guarantee that each patch we produce has gone through 100% quality inspection and in top quality, that is our promise to you, and that is what we ask of ourselves. If you find any technical defects in our patches, we will replace it for you free of charge. It is our responsibility and mission to provide you with quality service and good product quality. Looking forward, you will have a patch creation process here as easy, fast, and enjoyable as possible.

How Much Do Custom PVC Patches Cost?


It isn't easy to unify the price of PVC patch because too many factors affect the price. For example, the number of colors, the complexity of the shape, the size of the size, etc., are essential factors affecting the cost of the patch. We provide an estimated price list below for your reference only. If you need to customize PVC patches, please click here to send an inquiry. We'll get back to you with an accurate quote within 12 hours.






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Whether you want to custom military patches for army, custom embroidered patches for hats,

or iron on patches for jeans, chenille patches for letterman jackets, we are always here offering you a full range of customized solutions.

Frequently Asked Questions for Custom PVC Rubber Patches


How to measure the size of the PVC patch?

You can calculate the size of your patch by adding the Length + Width and then dividing it by 2. For example, patch size is 4 x 2 " patch then use 4" + 2" = 6" divided by 2 = 3" size for pricing.


Is there a size limit for custom PVC patches?

The maximum size of a PVC patch is around 15CM, and the most common custom size is 2 inches or 3 inches. If you need to customize a larger patch, you can communicate with us via email.


Are there colors restrictions for custom PVC patches?

Usually, we provide up to 9 colors free of charge. If more than 9 colors are required, there may be some additional surcharge depending on the difficulty of the design.


What is the minimum order quantity?

In principle, we do not set the minimum order quantity, but if you order 100 pieces patches, it can better save your cost.


How long is the sample time and bulk production time?

The sample time is 7 days. And the time for mass production is about 10 days, which also depends on the quantity of the orders.

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