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Woven Patches

What Is Woven Patches?

Woven patches are made by yarn only. The yarn is stitched in a continuous design that helps achieve more delicate detail in the patch's text and design. The patch is woven, and the outcome is a smooth appearance without any raised texture. If you run your fingers on a woven patch, you won't feel any bumps or unevenness in the patch. It is a clear cutthroat patch whose versatility in design makes it so much better.

Woven Patch VS Embroidered Patch

● Woven patch is a created with a much thinner yarns, so it makes the details more clearer.

● The thinner yarns provide cleaner lines and a flatter appearance that make woven patch closer to a printed look.

● Embroidered patch is a patch which interlacing threads achieve design on a twill fabric,

  the threads give the design a more three-dimensional feel.

● Embroidered patch is limited to smaller details, the smallest letter usually requires 3.2mm, 

but the woven patch can do up to 1.5mm.

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