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How Are Woven Labels Made? |

How Are Woven Labels Made?

Jan. 22, 2021

how are woven labels made?</strong>

Woven labels are some of the most sought for items in the fashion industry today. They add a professional finishing touch to your clothing. Woven patches are made of polyester threads woven together to bring out your desired design and messaging. The end product is a very durable and soft feel label woven on your clothing. The superior quality of the materials used on the woven patches increases their durability and attractiveness. If you want to add a touch of elegance and class to your clothing, custom woven labels are a perfect fit.

Why choose woven labels

With branding, the devil is always in the details. If there is anything wrong with your brand, the small details give you away very quickly. The smallest details, especially in clothing, tell the real story about the brand. Why would you want anything else apart from a luxurious impression professionally woven on your garments?

The consumer market for custom woven labels is tricky and has a lot of critics. These are people who know what they want and want to see exactly that on their clothing. Custom woven labels take more time to make as compared to others. Consumers know that with a woven label, the manufacturer is more dedicated to the outcome than the printed ones.

Let’s assume you are business and want your clothing to look luxurious, professional and have a touch of class. Woven patches are the best fit for your brand identity. 

With woven labels, you get a smoother finish that is flat and smooth to touch, creating a more professional look. Are you going for a unique look? Even if you want to create photorealism, this can be achieved with woven labels. You can design custom woven labels to create shading and blending to develop fantastic photorealism.

If you are a team or a group and would like a durable, decent, and professional look on your apparel, Custom Woven Labels are the way to go. As a team, you get a fashion item that can be skillfully woven into your clothing, such as hoodies and t-shirts, and give your team a unique look. Whatever your team design logo looks like, it can be easily integrated on a woven patch. The custom woven labels use extremely thin thread making them perfect for when you have an intricate design. You aren’t limited in any way when it comes to the design of custom woven patches.

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