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Why Choose Custom Velcro Patches? | Dany Patches

Why Choose The Velcro Patches?

Dec. 29, 2020

Velcro patches are a popular choice because of their convenience and versatility. Unlike traditional sewn-on patches, Velcro patches can be easily removed and repositioned on different items. This makes them ideal for uniforms, tactical gear, and bags that require frequent washing or when patches need to be frequently swapped out or replaced. Velcro patches also allow for quick identification of individuals or groups, making them ideal for military, law enforcement, or emergency responders. Additionally, Velcro patches can be customized with various designs, including logos, text, and graphics, making them a great way to show off your style or brand. Overall, Velcro patches are a practical and functional option for anyone looking for a customizable, easily removable patch solution.

Why Choose The Velcro Patches?cid=5

How to apply velcro patches?

Embroidered patches on uniforms are affixed in a fixed position to indicate job titles or names. However, some jobs or tasks may require employees to switch uniforms between assignments, as different uniforms may represent different positions or job titles.

For small companies with limited employees, the cost of work clothes may be relatively low. However, larger companies with hundreds or even thousands of employees requiring frequent uniform changes must consider cost-saving measures. In such cases, employees need patches that can be easily transferred from one garment to another. This is where custom Velcro name patches come in handy.

Custom Velcro patches offer a practical solution as they make moving patches from one garment to another easy. The Velcro backing paired with Hoop and Loop on both sides makes the patches less likely to fall off when stuck in one position. Velcro patches offer other benefits, such as durability, versatility, and ease of use. They eliminate the need for sewing and removing patches, reducing wear and tear on garments. Moreover, Velcro patches can be easily removed and reattached, making them ideal for temporary or seasonal jobs. Overall, Velcro patches provide a cost-effective solution for companies with many employees requiring frequent uniform changes.


Increase durability

Velcro patches last longer than other types of embroidered patches. Why is that?

The Velcro backing patches are removable and reusable. That means the patches can be removed before washing clothes and put back after. Thus, Velcro patches will not be worn by prolonged washing. If you're looking for a long-lasting and durable patch, consider ordering some Velcro patches.


Custom military patches with velcro backing

For example, employees in the military and other businesses wear different uniforms on different occasions. Instead of putting a patch on all the uniforms, it's better to put a Velcro backing patch, which is now one of the best parts of using Velcro. It can be removed and reattached to a different garment or uniform. Custom police velcro patches for the police department and tactical velcro patches for the military can significantly save military equipment costs.


Thus, Velcro patches can be used to identify certain managerial positions so that whoever is in that position can quickly patch Velcro patches onto a uniform.

In this way, companies can save money that would otherwise be spent on new uniforms or patches for these characters.

For individuals, Velcro patches provide an opportunity to pair their favorite patches with different pieces of clothing, velcro patches for hats, velcro patches for backpacks and more.

Where to buy Velcro patches?

Here at Dany Patches, we offer high-quality Velcro custom patches No minimum order quantity requirement, so you don't have to worry about your order quantity. Whether you order 10 pieces or thousands of patches, we always welcome.

Contact us today to get a free quote to custom Velcro patches for your company's uniform and get a 10% discount on the first order.

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